Medical Center of Integral Diagnostics «Diagnosis»

What kind of diagnostics is an integral diagnostics? This is a diagnostics which allows to indentify cause-and-effect relations of any derangements occurred in the human organism. And the main advantage of this approach is that we find the reasons which were the cause of such derangements. We can give a simple answer to your question “Why am I feeling badly, doctor?” For example, if you are disturbed by permanent rhinitis, it can be caused by reasons of inflammatory etiology (bacteria and viruses), of vasomotor etiology (influence of continual nervous pressures), allergic factors etc.

We create diagnostic algorithms, give consultations on diagnostic monitoring and test results interpretations of general practitioners as well as deliver free lectures on new laboratory technologies.

Doctor of Medicine and Biological Science, Immunologist,Doctor of higher category, Ms Kaliuga Natalia can recommend you the right test protocols and read the fulfilled tests.

Medical Center of Integral Diagnostics «Diagnosis» Medical Center of Integral Diagnostics «Diagnosis»

We carry out analyses of any complexity level at accessible prices in the areas as follows:

  • immune status; sexual health (sexually transmitted diseases);
  • reproductive health (analyses for the future mother and her baby);
  • infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi);
  • biochemical tests (renal and hepatic complex, mineral, protein and digestion metabolism);
  • monitoring of diabetes mellitus;
  • gastro tests; cardiovascular system;
  • hormone tests (thyroid gland, sex hormones etc.);
  • oncological markers in algorithms and in separate systems of organs;
  • bacteriological tests (eyes, pharynx, genitals etc.) in habitual and latex medium and europrofiles;
  • dysbacteriosis;general clinical tests (blood, urine, coprogram, scrape microscopy);
  • we also do tests to identify the autoimmune processes in the human organism and detect their causes;
  • allergy tests (food, food mixtures, animals, birds, insects, microorganisms), as well as identify the;
  • causes of any allergy;medicine intolerance; allergic reactions of immediate and retarded types.

A 100 % accuracy of tests is guaranteed by high-tech methods – immunochemiluminescence, immunofermentative tests; cytotests «Pharmasco» and «Euroimmune»; luminescent and fluorescent microscopy; immunoprofiles.

We are proud of having developed and patented many unique inventions such as:

1. Program «HEMOCODE of HEALTH»

Indications for the use of «HEMOCODE of HEALTH»: - overweight;stress; - chronic fatigue syndrome;psychosis, depression; -metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, dyskinesia, dysfunction, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis); - allergy;intoxication; asthmatic syndrome; problem-prone skin (while treating mycosis, seborrhea etc.); - skin, nail, dental diseases; - necessity of developing muscular mass for sportspeople; - rejuvenation.

2. Immunological method of skin rejuvenation (Patent UA № 29936).

3. A new method of demodex diagnostics which enhances the test accuracy due to the complex approach (Patent №40585 от 10.04.200).

4. We also offer the following services: We have developed a new antiage program which includes autocytokine therapy (local and general) and Hemocode of health (normalization of metabolism processes).

How do we differ from the other medical centers? We offer you: comfort: by strictly following our principles and rules created especially for modern people who appreciate their time and prefer the quality. In our center there are no queues. We can give you consultations at your convenience. We are reliable and accurate;

professionalism of out doctors is proved by their regular participation in international conferences and publications of their works in leading scientific magazines;

prestige: we are proud that many politicians, famous sportspeople rely on us and we are caring about their health. Remember that every person who visits our center becomes our VIP client.